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Anxiety, Depression, & Trauma Therapy for Adults

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Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots. -Rumi

Something needs to change...but you're not sure exactly what. 

You know you can't keep doing things this way.

As far as everyone can tell, you're doing fine...

but, it’s getting harder to hold it all together. Right now you’re dealing with self-doubt, disconnectedness and confusion about what’s happening. You’re not sure why you’ve been feeling so frustrated and stuck, like all the tasks you usually manage have become heavy and exhausting.

It’s ok to not be ok – but you don’t need to stay there.


Sure, we all have some worries, negative thoughts, and feel down at times (I get it!). But, you don’t have to stay in that place. I’ll help you start understanding these changes and help you to start feeling like “you” again. 


You deserve time to focus on yourself with compassion, and authenticity.

Photo of Kate Lawrance, Virtual Therapist in the Outer Banks of North Carolina



I'm Kate, and I'm so glad you are here.


I offer a space where you can feel more secure and grounded during any storm of life.  

While we may not be able to change aspects of your current situation or what happened to you, I do believe that you can learn strategies to feel more supported and confident to manage the storms as they come. 


Together, we will get to the root of the issue, so that you can begin to heal.

"We don't have to do it alone, we were never meant to". -Brene Brown

Specialized Treatment for:

Anxiety and Burnout

Anxiety & Burnout

You don’t have to live in constant “fight or flight.” Learn how to rest, slow down, and bring peace to your mind and body.  You can regain feelings of fulfillment & joy that are missing.



There are many causes for depression. We will work to understand your depression.  You might have tried other strategies or even gone to therapy before to help address it…We can work to create lasting improvement.



This is a space where you can feel safe processing the impacts of trauma & pain and release the grip they have on you…all at your own pace.

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Therapeutic Approach: 

Therapy tailored to fit you.

Person-Centered Therapy
Person-Centered Therapy

Therapy is collaborative. No one knows what you need better than you. Person-Centered Therapy allows you to work on your goals in your own time, in a safe, supportive space.

Mindfulness Therapy
Mindfulness Therapy

Our Minds often get caught up in worrying about the future, or reliving the past. Mindfulness brings our attention to the present moment. We can work to quiet your mind, and observe the present without judgment or expectation. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy deepens our understanding of ourselves. It focuses on the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This helps us create goals that can create long-lasting improvements in our life. 

Art therapy
Art Therapy

Art Therapy can be useful if you have a difficult time sharing your inner world. You do not need to have any background or skill in art. Various art processes can aid in expression, and understanding of self. Learn more about art therapy at

Ready to start feeling better?
 Send me a message and I will reach back out to you.

This website is not appropriate for anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts. You can seek immediate help by calling the National Suicide Hotline at 988 or 911 for local assistance.  You can reach the Crisis Text Line by texing HOME to 741741.

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