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Online Therapy for Adults in North Carolina

Therapy for Depression

It feels like you're going through the motions, but not really living.

You feel numb somedays, and heavy on others.  You go through the motions, and maybe try to stay busy, so no one sees how you feel, or so you don't notice how you feel. You have felt like this for so long, it's hard to even image feeling different.

It feels you've lost yourself along the way. 



The daily demands and trying to manage it all is overwhelming and life isn't enjoyable.

Depression is a persistent low mood and the “cause” can be difficult to pinpoint.


Many people experience sadness, grief, or an occasional low mood; these are normal human emotions. Grief and sadness tend to be fluid emotions that are caused by a specific event.


 Maybe you’ve noticed:

  • Not being present in the moment

  • Feeling disconnected from others, loneliness

  • Negative self-talk, frequently comparing yourself to others

  • Feeling like you’re not good enough

  • Relationship stress, difficulties at home & work

  • Difficulty handling work-life balance


Somehow you feel like you’re too much and not good enough at the same time.


You put on a smile, and laugh, so that nobody asks how you are "really" doing. It’s lonely and exhausting fighting the battle in your head and body. You can't remember your last good day. You wonder why does life feel so hard? Everyone else seems so happy. 


You tell people ‘I'm doing okay,” and you wish it was true.

You don't need to handle depression alone. 

You’ve done everything you know to do in order to overcome it, but it’s impacting every area of your life.

  • Missing work or school

  • Doing the “bare minimum” to get through each day

  • Blaming yourself for difficulties in relationships or career

  • Lacking the motivation you used to have

  • Feeling like every day is the same

  • Experiencing shame or guilt for prioritizing your own self-care

It feels like you're getting in your own way.

You want to enjoy life without constantly putting yourself down. You deserve to acknowledge your success, and have the confidence to achieve your goals. If you or a loved on has been experiencing depression for two weeks or longer, please reach out and get help. 


Depression can take so much from you, don't let it keep you from reaching out.

"You can feel happier, & more connected with yourself"

You can enjoy life
I'm here to help you.

This website is not appropriate for anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts. You can seek immediate help by calling the National Suicide Hotline at 988 or 911 for local assistance.  You can reach the Crisis Text Line by texing HOME to 741741.

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